By electively participating in RWP events, you must agree to the three Club Polices:

Athlete Code of Conduct

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct

All athletes must have a signed RCC Release of Liability waiver on file.
Release/Waiver for Minor
Release/Waiver for Adult

Please print and sign and bring to the pool deck. 

All athletes and parents must sign the respective forms prior to any athlete being allowed into practice and/or games.



**These requirements are for Year-Round Club athletes who participate with the 10u, 12u g/b, 14u g/b & HS g/b teams **


All families are responsible for volunteering a total of 25 hours. 18 of these hours will be assigned to your family during the following three events:

(a) Spring Bash May 6 (6 hours)
(b) Masters Nationals June 9, 10, 11

The remaining hours can be filled at any RWP event. You must sign in with the designated volunteer coordinator at the beginning and end of every shift you complete. (*Usually at the Snack Bar.)

Hours are prorated at 2.3 hours per month (25 hours / 11-month season).

Also many individual smaller jobs are in need of volunteers. Please see Mary Cain for any questions or to sign-up!

*These jobs can be used for your volunteer hours once completed.*


Each Family = $250  We encourage all to go beyond this and get our community to help. We do not want you to spend money on this, we want the help from our community.

Fundraising is prorated at $23 per month ($250 / 11-month season).

The committment is per family, not per athlete.  If you have multiple athletes, you will only be responsible for $250 fundraising and 25 volunteer hours.