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Athlete Resources

The purpose of this page is to give you, the Student-Athlete, extra resources to help you get to college, improve your chances of earning scholarships (academic & athletic) and to help you develop into an even better student-athlete in and out of the pool.

College Information

  1. Be sure you meet requirements needed to apply by taking the right classes. See requirements below.
  2. Take appropriate and required tests. SAT, ACT, and/or others. Depending on the school you're applying to. See information below.
  3. Check out several colleges; do not limit yourself to only one or two. Make sure they have what you want to study in school. See the information below about the HUNDREDS of colleges.

Camp and Clinic Information

  1. Find a camp that is interesting to you (based on your position, college interests, coaching staff, ect).
  2. Clear it with the RWP coaching staff. (No conflicting dates, or conflicting instruction.)
  3. Attend and have fun learning from other coaches and visiting great pool venues and campuses.


Scholarship Information

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are thousands of scholarships available ranging from $50 to full rides, based on academics, family income, and other variables.
  2. Apply for them. Be sure to proof read your essays. Apply to as many as you can.
  3. See the information below about the many sites to visit before you apply.
All student-athletes should aspire to earn an academic scholarship before an athletic scholarship.  Grades and test scores will have a greater impact on the scholarships you earn before your play in the pool is considered.  Both are important; however, academics should always be stressed and a focus of every student-athlete.


Do you want to play Water Polo in College?

Check out these links and start doing your RESEARCH!!!

Play Polo in College

NCAA Eligibility Center


 Important Website and Dates for the SAT

Student-Athletes interested in attending college should take the SAT along with other tests. Please visit this website for more information about the SAT.

SAT Information

Upcoming test dates for 2019-20: 8/24, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7, 3/14, 5/2, 6/6
*SAT administers 7 test dates every year*

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