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To apply, please download the Application for Financial Aid here. Be sure to fill out completely, attach any and all required forms and, sign and mail it to the address on the form. If you have additional questions, please contact Club Director: Sarah Greenawalt at


Existing Members Login and select the program for your athlete. New Members: Click Register and Create an Account.

Please visit the RWP Store tab for more info.

Age Groups: 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U. Whatever age an athlete is on August 1st, that is the group in which they will train. For example, if a 14-year old athlete turns 15 in May, he or she will be training as a 16U. If the athlete turns 15 on August 12th, he or she will be training as a 14U.

Yes. All members of Riverside Water Polo must be registered with USA Water Polo. We are Riverside Water Polo (241).

Go to USA Water Polo and follow the online registration instructions. Register your athlete as a member of Riverside Water Polo (241). If your athlete will be competing with an RWP team, they must register as a Gold member.

Memberships are renewed annually, January 1st. It is a calendar-year system. Even if you register in September you will only be an active member until December 31st. Your athlete will need to renew again in January.

Yes; however, only for the year-round program. First athlete is $110; second athlete is $100; and third and fourth are $90. Five plus, please email Club Director at (All fees are per athlete, per month.)

Splash Ball is perfect for beginners. Please see the Programs tab.

Splash Ball is a beginners program for 6-14 year-olds. Please see the Programs tab.

Club Director: Sarah Greenawalt at

Club Director: Sarah Greenawalt at

Email or text your coach in advance.

All levels are different and we understand that as student athletes, each player has a variety of activities that may conflict with training times. Depending on the goals of your child and level at which they wish to play, they should try to make as many trainings as possible. Please communicate with your coach on the days that you cannot make training.

Please contact Club Director: Sarah Greenawalt at

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